about JASTJ

     JASTJ (Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists) was established in 1994. The objectives of JASTJ are (1) to promote mutual understanding and friendship among science journalists, (2) to raise awareness in support of journalists’ activities, and (3) to encourage young students and journalists.

     JASTJ organizes seminars, produces publications (including seasonally “JASTJ News”), offers prizes for science communication activities, and advises on science communication as needed.

     JASTJ has about 200 persons (journalists, editors, producers, public relations officers, researchers and so on) and 15 corporate members. The leading officers are recommended by themselves and others to the executive committee, which then elects the president. The executive office meets 10 times per year, and an annual general assembly is held in May. The annual budget (~ $ 30,000) is sourced from membership fees and contributions from supporting organizations.

   Introduction to the Science Journalist Awards

[Contact Address]

President: Toshio SATO, (Mr.)
Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists

c/o Tokyo University of Science 1-3, Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8601 JAPAN
e-mail to: hello@jastj.jp