The 16th “juku” (training program) completed on Feb 15, 2018

A scene from the JASTJ science journalism “juku” (training course) 16th-term completion ceremony (Photo by Hiromi Kashino)

    Fourteen trainees participated in the 16th term of the JASTJ science journalism “juku,” which lasted from September 2017 through February 2018. JASTJ enlisted the help of research institutions and other parties to make sure the trainees are given hands-on experiences during on-site interview tours. The trainees were then assigned to work on their respective tasks that suited their individual needs, such as writing an article or giving an oral/video presentation, which allowed them effectively to acquire knowledge and skills that are required of a science journalist. Active discussions helped them learn about how they should set a subject, work out a plan, gather materials, interview people, write an article and give an oral/video presentation, all the while remaining true to the guiding principle of “deep insight in plain language.”

Mr. Tetsuya Muroyama of NHK, the head of “juku”, teaching at the class. (Sep 14, 2017)